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ughhhhh korra looks whitewashed :|

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Full Comic Con cam of episode 1 Rebel Spirit. In case the downloads aren’t working for you.

One Day I'll Actually Use This: Book 2 Recap, Part 1 ↘


First, a synopsis:

The episode begins with two unnamed sailors at sea in a storm. I don’t remember the exact conversation that takes place, but it has something of a ghost-story-at-sea tone to it with the older sailor posing a warning to the younger sailor concerning spirits in the water. Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean—but that’s not hard to achieve for me. The point is that eventually we see in a far-shot a jellyfish kraken circling the, and both the sailors get violently torn from their ships and smashed into the sea by the angry jelly kraken spirit.

In the “news reel” we find out a few things, in particular that the council of Republic City was disbanded in favor of the United Republic electing its first president, Bumi retiring from the United Forces and Korra and Mako being the “talk of the town.”

Then we see the snippet that was posted on Nick.com, which leads into the primary conflict of the episode: Korra has come something of a full circle, and once again is at a point in her training where she personally feels she has learned all she can and wants to move on. In this case, she feels she’s an airbending already. Tenzin disagrees—feeling that her “Korra style” to airbending isn’t mastery, and suggests she tours the Airbending temples with him in an effort to improve her spiritual bending.

Since the council was disbanded, he’s now in this kinda funny vacation mode and he even pulls out a map that has this cute little cartoon of him in the middle. Korra suggests that they FIRST all go with her to the Glacier Spirits Festival—eh! Foreshadowing!—back home, so they can have fun together before leaving on the tour. They mostly take the bait because Katara invited them to come. There’s some fun banter with Bumi and Tenzin, with Bumi saying something to the effect of, “You can’t tell me not to come, because Ma already invited me!”

I wish I could remember how it all builds up but somewhere in there Ikki and Jinora get into a squabble and Meelo eggs them on with a “fight, fight, fight!”

Anyway!  The group all heads down to the Southern Watertribe—with at least a part of them on a ship, a see Korra, Mako and Naga lounging together on one of the decks. Mako’s recounting his “car trouble” story and pulls out a list of dorky catch phrases. The conversation shifts, and we see the first of multiple moments where Korra chooses to confide in Mako in regards to her frustration with her training’s perceived lack of progress, asking his opinion. He suggests that Tenzin might have a point, which ends up irritating her—and she marches off accusing him of “siding” with Tenzin. Mako muses to Naga, in frustration, that he can’t even get through a conversation with his girlfriend.

The ship docks in the South Pole, and we see Tonraq giving Mako a hard time about Korra. He seems to like to initimdate him, and Mako stammers a bit until Korra tells her dad to knock it off.  We also get to see Kya finally, and there’s some fun dialog there. Bolin is present as well, of course, and is excited about their welcome party—only to have Korra point out the welcoming party is actually for Unalaq, Desna and Eska. There’s a funny moment where Bolin asks about “those lovely ladies,” and Korra bluntly informs him that Desna is a guy. (“Uhh… which one is Desna?”)

Unalaq arrives and has a cold greeting with Tonraq. Interesting that they cut to Bolin and Mako exchanging a look at Unalaq’s cold “Brother.” I’m not sure if they’re planning something, or were just making the boys reaction to the sharp contrast in their relationship.

We get our first look at the festival grounds, as Korra, her father and Unalaq have a walk and talk. Unalaq is disappointed/disgusted with the “secularization” (I’m calling it that) of the festival, and makes a snide remark about rubes stuffing whole arctic hens into their mouths (enter Bolin). The conversation ends up leading into the recent bout of boating incidents with angry spirits, something Korra is surprised to hear about and upset she didn’t know. Unalaq positions training offers to her, and Tonraq resists it completely—Korra’s stuck in the middle, although she keenly interested in taking Unalaq up on his offer to train with him in the North Pole.

We find out that Asami has brought Bolin to her meeting with Varrick on his yacht, concerning the shipping contract, as a form of moral support—although she tells him he’s her assistant. Varrick proves eccentric right off the bat—attempting to levitate with the power of his mind. He doesn’t levitate, but his influence is good enough that nobody in the room is willing to tell him otherwise. Bolin, being the sweet and naïve , innocent thing that he is, just comes out and points out Varrick was lying. Varrick immediately fires the swami that was teaching him, and goes through this kinda ADD segment of skipping from that to demoing the first motion picture, to asking a redheaded (whoa! Red heads exist??) starlet to do dramatic poses, to staring Asami down nose-to-nose and announcing they have a deal.  “Forget that—that’s the past!” He’s cray.

Asami is thrilled, hug him and ruffles Bolin’s hair. It’s a cute moment—they’re fun bros or whatever. Bosami shippers might like it, if they still exist.

We then come to some feast, with Korra and her family sitting at the higher table. Unalaq begins to really push for becoming her mentor, and goes so far as to make an interesting revelation or two: especially that the white lotus seclusion etc. wasn’t really Aang’s idea—it was a decision that was put in place by other individuals, including her dad. This, naturally, upsets Korra.

We get a short moment with Bumi taunting Tenzin about losing his student, and some other familial banter, with Kya included. Tenzin is NOT sensitive, by the way.

Unalaq gives something of a little speech, kind of… I guess stating a warning concerning the degeneration of Southern Tribe spirituality (especially in the festival) and its consequences. He’s very dramatic.

We switch to continuing the festival. Korra and Mako are “being oogie” by feeding each other cotton candy, and Bolin decides to not be the third wheel and instead runs off to make a pass at Eska. (“Whee!” he goes lol.) Korra mentions her cousins are creepy and “smell like a grandma’s attic.” Bolin’s encounter is particularly funny, as the twins speak to each other something like what might occur if twin Vulcans encountered Bolin for the first time—Desna basically observing that Bolin is attempting to hit on Eska. She finds him “amusing” and decides he will be hers. Desna comes along for the ride.

While Korra and Mako are playing carnival games, Korra uses the opportunity to confide in him again—concerning her isolation and her conflict. She asks him what he thinks she should do, and after some thought he answers that whatever she decides, he’ll support her. She doesn’t like this answer, and he protests that she wanted him to be supportive—did she want him to be supportive or to say what he thought?? Mixed signals aren’t his cup of tea. She throws a stuffed Appa at him and leaves him and he’s like “boo.” His hair gets messy. It’s cute. I mean what?

The Spirit Battle, beginning with Naga’s howling, then ensues. When Korra gets pinned the first time, Mako and Bolin attack the spirit, which just makes it angry and all three of them are knocked out. Her father then shows up and does some cool ice surfing and other icebending, but ends up getting aggressively thrown at a building and is also knocked out quite cold. Tenzin then shows up and attempts to TALK to the spirit and find out what it wants (hey hey. Anyone remember the beginning of Mononoke? Hm?) but is also whacked away, which seems to finally be the last stray that prompts Korra to go into the Avatar state.

However it becomes clear that no amount of aggression can take care of the spirit. Things only change when Unalaq takes over and does some graceful, calm and very much more traditional looking waterbending that produces almost a “spiritbending” effect. I doubt he’s actual bending spirit, but whatever he does kind of tames the spirit and gets it to leave, so that’s what I’ll call it for now.

Korra’s amazed that he was able to manage the spirit, and he points out his familiarity with spiritual affairs again. This seems to be the finally point for her, and she decides to go with Unalaq—basically dismissing Tenzin from his role as her teacher. Tenzin seems a bit hurt by this and formally bids Korra something of a farewell.

He still intends to tour the Air Temples with his family. Katara mentions he “forgot something,” with Kya and Bumi beside her—reminding him that theyr’e his family too. A little note about not taking siblings for granted, just to rub Sokka salt into our Airbender wounds, and Tenzin agrees to take his siblings along for the ride.

Korra confides in Mako one last time, asking him if she made the right decision. He tells her to follow her heart, and it will turn out right. He seems to have picked the “right answer” this time, as she is comforted and weaves her fingers into his.

My reactions:

  • Holy Hannibal that trailer, that trailer, that trailer. I’m so glad that trailer is online cause I was ready to barf rainbows after it.
  • I’m loving how Miyazaki-influenced parts of the show are having; the squid-spirit reminded me of a mix of moments, including things such as Ponyo
  • For some reason I tend to forget that Tenzin probably grew up very much aware of Southern Water Tribe culture, just as I’m familiar with Mexico despite actually living an American lifestyle. This really solidified that to me.
  • We’re already getting to see different sides to the character we know; Korra’s frustration is similar to where she was at in Book 1, but with some different drawbacks—for example she can’t just run off to Republic City and be done with it
  • Which brings me to the point that I like to see that the direction they decided to take to help establish that she and Mako are a couple was—instead of PDA, the intimacy and trust of conversation.
  • “Go rest your gams!” LOL more 20’s slang.
  • Can we talk about the shots of Unalaq “spirit bending” or whatever the heck it was he was doing? Cause not only was it gorgeous in combo with the music, but how they animated it with the “camera” following his arms through the frames ugh
  • The humor is a bit more zany and kinda took some getting used to. It definitely to me felt more airbender-y, which I think a lot of people will like. I personally like Korra’s distinct tone, so I’m waiting to see the rest of the season before I decide how I feel on it.
  • I don’t consider it a problem I Book 1 like other people do, but I will note that Asami was a character with the least variety to her. She didn’t really have personal weaknesses  or faults—just circumstantial things. In this episode, however, as she’s tackling this business thing, we get to see her herself showing her imperfects: she’s unsure of herself, not completely confident, and I’m curious to see where that’s going


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Episode 1 SDCC- Rebel Spirit





Ok found this copy online and will upload it to here. Enjoy!

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IT WORKS, CONFIRMED, I JUST DID IT. if you have a mac, you can dl something called ‘mac split’ safely from HERE, open the program and choose the Ep1 file in the “join” box and click “join”. Note that you have to have BOTH files on your computer for this to work!!


the legend of korra book 2 trailer




Rebel Spirit will be up @ 12:00 in the afternoon BST time! Prepare your YouTube downloaders and screen recorders as it will be removed quickly.

okay so here ya go to my anons

that’s: 7 AM EST, 6 AM Central Time and 3 AM PST okay!!!!

get your downloaders ready bc I’m prob gonna sleep through it so someone has to put up a download link later l o l

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Metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until our esteemed Chief of Police, Toph Bei Fong, single-handedly developed the skill.

thoughts on book 1 of legend of korra and lok in general

its kinda funny (to me) that the book is called air because it really lacked a lot of substance.

substance in relationships and dialogue (very important to me), substance in plot, substance in the delivery 

like i felt absolutely nothing about all the shit thrown at asami even though on a cognizant level i saw how much it sucked for her, and a lot of tarrlok’s and noatoks story was the same. 

some parts of the first episodes were pretty good at rising (my) emotions, and lin’s sacrifice was too, but thats about it. 

and idk i dunno if a can watch something with a fandom again

like checking others opinions online and stuff

a lot of them were annoying.

the obsession with mako’s not-really-there-like-maybe-sometimes-barely dorkiness, the resentment people had from bolin not being the highlight of the show like they wanted him too (not that having mako be the highlight was better), and the ship hate among other shit was so irritating to read through. 

and i had a lot of disappointment i tried to deny. 

i really wanted to love the first season. 

i got defensive seeing others criticize everything. 

but ultimately a lot of those criticisms were valid. under the surface i had been let down by the lack of actual substance in the show and how boring and empty it was for me.

even with that i was reaaaaally sad my tickets for comic con were for thursday instead of friday, i’m still excited about the new season and gonna be watching every episode asap. 

but im also wary, im prepared to be disappointed by it and to disassociate it from atla so it doesnt ruin it for me. i still have a feeling the show might just get worse and to the point where its and embarrasement that needs to be taken out back and get shot in the head.

with the new writers it might not happen. but it might. especially since theyre thinking of making more books. 

Sokka: If the painted lady really wanted to help she would use her spirit magic to blow up that factory

Aang: No, Sokka spirit magic should be more like this


Zuko and Sokka using their swords to slash spears.

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